5 Best Hiking Spots in Asia

The great outdoors have so much to offer and that is why more and more people are raving about trekking. If you are willing to endure the physical challenges, then you will be up for an adventure of a lifetime. If you’re in Asia, then you are blessed because this continent is full packed with the best hiking spots in the world, so read through our top pick here.


Of course, we have to start with the most famous mountain in the whole world – Mt. Everest. It is popular because of its towering height, it can be intimidating but a lot of trekkers are challenged by it. Aside from being physically prepared, your also have to condition your mind before doing the trek, so you can reach the summit of 5,300 meters.


A trek to the world- famous Banaue Rice Terraces is a must when visiting the Philippines. Aside from the breath-taking scenery, it tells a lot of the life and culture of the Ifugaos, a highlander ethnic minority in the country. Built half a millennia ago, these terraces were hand carved straight from the sides of the mountains. Hikers can choose an easy hike through Bangaan trail or a much challenging route through Batad trail.


This scenic hiking spot is recommended for beginners because of its manageable terrain and cool weather, however, there are no helpful signs or stops here just pure wild beauty, so you have to have a good guide to hike with you all the way. Aside from that, everything here is just perfect because the sprawling tea plantation is a wonderment to behold.


Hikers will get mesmerized by the alluring beauty of the frozen river of Zanskar during winter. The trek is not entirely difficult but what you need to prepare is the extreme weather which can go as low as negative 25 degrees at night. A lot of hikers fell in love with its white grandeur, however due to increase in popularity, the hiking spot suffers from tourists’ waste negligence and global warming and might close down soon.


You won’t need training just to reach the summit of this active volcano, Mt. Rinjani, you just got to have a strong physical strength and mental stamina. Indonesia might be popular because of their beautiful beaches but hikers can also enjoy the lavish mountains of the country. This famous hiking spot lets you enjoy stunning views especially the amazing blue Crater Lake that looks like a photo straight from a postcard.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Venezuela

Venezuela is blessed with a wide range of natural attractions from waterfalls, tropical rainforest, sand dunes and pristine beaches, this country is a true gem. However, recent economic crisis had brought some uprising in their country, there are still places you can visit that is away from the hustle bustle of Venezuelan economy. Check out the 5 places to include in your itinerary.

Angel Falls

Who would not want to include the world’s tallest waterfalls in their list of places to visit to? Table top mountains are one of the geographical highlights in the heart of Venezuela and here is where you can see the Angel Falls that stands 979 meters high. This proud beauty of nature is quite hard to access so the easiest way to marvel at its grandeur is by chartering a flight over it for an uninterrupted eye feast. Some Edmonton roofers that I know told me that this was one of their biggest highlights on their recent Venezuelan adventure.


Relampago del Catatumbo

This interesting area is home to the world’s most lightning struck place on Earth, it’s like the God of Thunder has focused his energy in this place. This dramatic light show is available for everyone to see 140-160 times a year. The place where the Catatumbo River empties out to Lake Maracaibo attracts approximately 28 lightning strikes per minute. These lightning bolts are quite popular in this region that seafarers use it as a navigational landmark. Tourists now flock night tours to catch a glimpse of these blinding spectacle.

Coromoto Ice Cream Shops

Heladeria Coromoto, as the locals call it, Is every ice cream lovers’ dream place, for the simple fact it holds the Guiness World Records for offering the world’s most number of ice cream flavors – 860. You can find here all-time favorites like vanilla or chocolate, but what tourists would like to try are the bizarre ones like spaghetti with cheese, mushrooms in wine, tuna, hotdogs, and so much more. These eclectic flavors changes depending on the season though, visit the place and be amazed.

Morrocoy National Park

This coastal paradise is a sweet spot for sun seekers that’s why it can get extremely busy during holidays, but the hype is, indeed, worthy because of the pristine soft sand beaches and azure waters. The 32 acres of protected land is also a diving and bird-watching haven. Coral reefs here are healthy and are teeming with marine life, so is the wetlands that are rich with different species of birds like parrots, scarlet ibis and flamingos.

Los Medanos de Coro National Park

Venezuela is a tropical country, but it, also, has its fair amount of sand dunes which not a lot of people know about. This typical desert scene with little to no amount of rain is present here, even if this country is part of the Amazon Rainforest.

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5 Most Iconic Monuments of USA

United States of America is one of the best tourist destinations in the world because it has something for everyone. With its 51 states it’s quite hard to choose on where to go first because there’s just so much to choose from. Dotted all over the American territory are iconic monuments that are world-famous and are worthy of a visit. It’s hard to choose just 5 but here’s our take for the 5 most iconic monuments of USA.


Topping the list is no other than Lady Liberty holding up her right hand carrying the world’s most famous torch. It was a gift of France to the US but has long been a symbol of freedom and hope for a better life. This 93 meter statue serves as a beacon for the immigrants from the east, because this is the first one they see before reaching port.


The proud 555-feet tall obelisk monument is the most prominent structure in Washington D.C. and was constructed in honor of the United States’ first president, George Washington. Considered and mandated by law to be the tallest edifice in the capital city, you can visit the top of the Washington Monument to see a bird’s eye-view of up to 30 miles.


George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are forever a part of the Black Hills of South Dakota because their monumental faces are carved from the white rocks of Mount Rushmore. The looming mugs of the 4 presidents are a much celebrated icon of the US and is drawing millions of tourists annually.


It may not be a monument but it is no doubt one of the most iconic structures in the US; it’s now as popular as the Statue of Liberty, thanks to the popular basketball team that carries the logo of the Golden Gate Bridge. This red orange suspension bridge was completed in 1937 and is a symbol of American innovation.


Who could ever forget September 11? Not a single soul in the US or in the world that time didn’t get their hearts broken because of that major tragedy. It is the worst date in America’s recent history where 3000 civilians lost their lives. Today two deep pools were carved and parapets surround it with names of all the victims of the 9/11 tragedy as a bittersweet tribute.

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The New 7 Wonders of the World

The New 7 Wonders of the World was such a hit that over 100 million voters participated in the poll, and last July 7, 2007, the winners were hailed. The contest drew different reactions from the crowd but no one could deny that the newly chosen 7 wonders of the world are indeed a marvelous wonder.


The very length of this great wall is what makes it a wonderment, a staggering 21,196.18 km of wall made by human hands started around 700 BC. Spanning across 15 regions in China, it boosts tourism for these places because it attracts millions of tourists yearly. What’s amazing is that these massive collection of walls is held together by processed glutinous rice flour.


A lot of people are really amused by history and that is why Petra is drawing thousands of people each day. Petra, meaning “rocks”, is a valuable structure carved in the rose-red colored sandstone hills of Jordan as early as 312 BC. The most famous and remarkably preserved façade is The Treasury with a towering height of 40 meters.


In the heart of ancient Rome, stands the most important structure made by Emperor Vespasian. In the height of slavery, this massive amphitheater was built by human hands out of stones and concrete. It is so massive that it can seat up to 50,000 spectators in any ancient sports event, mostly brutal and barbaric games by gladiators.


Mayans are well-known for their legendary engineering and Chichen Itza in Yucatan Mexico is one of the proofs of it. The name Chichen Itza means “at the mouth of the well of Itza”, with 2 large natural sinkholes nearby that provided them with ample amount of water the whole year. El Castillo is the most noticeable pyramid among others with four wide staircases on each side of it and a 20 feet high temple on top.


The Incas, same as Mayans, are very influential during the ancient times and the best known treasure of Incan empire is Machu Picchu in Peru. It is said that they have not used any wheel or animal in building this sacred structures which is as mind-boggling as it is fascinating. They have mastered ashlar or the art of shaping stones to fit perfectly together, and their craftsmanship is so precise that you can’t even fit a knife blade in between the stones,


Aside from the fact that is one of the most elaborately designed buildings in the world, Taj Mahal of India is also debated to be the most romantic one since Emperor Shah Jahan commanded the creation of this temple in honor of his beloved wife. Extravagant symmetry is observed in almost all part of the mausoleum except the actual grave since by Muslim law, graves should not reflect vanity so decorations are prohibited.


Perhaps the most recently constructed wonder among all that’s on the list. This iconic monument of Christ standing atop of a mountain with arms wide open is simply the most famous structure in all of Rio de Janiero and has been a great symbol of Christianity in the country.

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