5 Best Places to Visit in Venezuela

Venezuela is blessed with a wide range of natural attractions from waterfalls, tropical rainforest, sand dunes and pristine beaches, this country is a true gem. However, recent economic crisis had brought some uprising in their country, there are still places you can visit that is away from the hustle bustle of Venezuelan economy. Check out the 5 places to include in your itinerary.

Angel Falls

Who would not want to include the world’s tallest waterfalls in their list of places to visit to? Table top mountains are one of the geographical highlights in the heart of Venezuela and here is where you can see the Angel Falls that stands 979 meters high. This proud beauty of nature is quite hard to access so the easiest way to marvel at its grandeur is by chartering a flight over it for an uninterrupted eye feast. Some Edmonton roofers that I know told me that this was one of their biggest highlights on their recent Venezuelan adventure.


Relampago del Catatumbo

This interesting area is home to the world’s most lightning struck place on Earth, it’s like the God of Thunder has focused his energy in this place. This dramatic light show is available for everyone to see 140-160 times a year. The place where the Catatumbo River empties out to Lake Maracaibo attracts approximately 28 lightning strikes per minute. These lightning bolts are quite popular in this region that seafarers use it as a navigational landmark. Tourists now flock night tours to catch a glimpse of these blinding spectacle.

Coromoto Ice Cream Shops

Heladeria Coromoto, as the locals call it, Is every ice cream lovers’ dream place, for the simple fact it holds the Guiness World Records for offering the world’s most number of ice cream flavors – 860. You can find here all-time favorites like vanilla or chocolate, but what tourists would like to try are the bizarre ones like spaghetti with cheese, mushrooms in wine, tuna, hotdogs, and so much more. These eclectic flavors changes depending on the season though, visit the place and be amazed.

Morrocoy National Park

This coastal paradise is a sweet spot for sun seekers that’s why it can get extremely busy during holidays, but the hype is, indeed, worthy because of the pristine soft sand beaches and azure waters. The 32 acres of protected land is also a diving and bird-watching haven. Coral reefs here are healthy and are teeming with marine life, so is the wetlands that are rich with different species of birds like parrots, scarlet ibis and flamingos.

Los Medanos de Coro National Park

Venezuela is a tropical country, but it, also, has its fair amount of sand dunes which not a lot of people know about. This typical desert scene with little to no amount of rain is present here, even if this country is part of the Amazon Rainforest.

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